Hannah Werdmuller – vox + guitar + ukulele
Brian Grupé – drums
Ariel Wang – violin

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Django Moves to Portland is an East Bay-based indie folk pop band led by songwriter Hannah Werdmuller, with Brian Grupé (Sapphire Lung, Baby Teeth, Tremor Low) on drums, Ariel Wang (Composer Arranger Performer Orchestra, Sapphire Lung, Yee Olde Dragon Master, Les Ameriquains) on violin, and Ruthie Sea on bass. Originally formed by previous members of psychedelic freak folk band Chonk! and later adding long-time collaborator Ariel Wang on violin, Django Moves to Portland veer from foot-stomping murder ballads to playful songs about the lifestyle choices of animals. Blending the folk tradition with pop principles, Django Moves to Portland create lyrically rich, often irreverent songs that are both poignant and powerful. Previous members include Ryan Boone (The Ghostfiddler), Sadie Robison (Sapphire Lung, Invisible Cinema, Sadie Greyduck), Tyler McCourtney (Banjo Boombox, Viva La Rêve), and Ruthie Sea.