SUNDAY 11/17/19

Art by Yoko Kikuchi


East Bay Community Space, 507 55th St, Oakland, CA (map)


We’re excited to be back at BAAM, a wonderful recurring event that brings together a community of visual artists, musicians, and videographers, and with tasty snacks to boot! We’re on at 6pm, but be sure to stick around to catch some of the other amazing acts:

3:00-3:20 – Dontell White
3:30-3:50 – Andy Strong (of The Damn Fanatics)
4:05-4:35 – Psychic Friends Network
4:50-5:20 – The Forgetmenauts
5:30-5:50 – Mesha L
6:00-6:15 – Django Moves To Portland
6:25-6:45 – Rosie Steffy (of La Dee Da)
6:55-7:15 – Ephemerald + Planet Kniffen
7:25-7:55 – BullyWest

… and enjoy perusing the work of a plethora of artists, including DMTP alumna Dani Robison, BAAM organizer Tay Gersbach, live painter Marcus Lee, writer-in-residence Bryce Kapono Smith, Yoko Kikuchi, Maya’s Magic Shop, Hellenmae Fitzgerald, Jeremiah Zeier, Kristin Dominguez, Elise Moreno, Erin Crow, and Erik Walker.

Show roster:

924 Gilman (Berkeley, CA)  ・ Actual Café (Oakland, CA) ・  Bazaar Café (San Francisco, CA)  ・  Bec’s (Berkeley, CA)  ・  Bocci’s Cellar (Santa Cruz, CA)  ・  Book Zoo (Oakland, CA)  ・  Brew (Santa Rosa, CA)  ・  Brianville (Berkeley, CA)  ・  Brianville 2.0 (Albany, CA)  ・  Cabaret Voltaire (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Café Diablo (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Café La Boheme (San Francisco, CA)  ・  Christina’s Coffee House (Turlock, CA)  ・  Doc’s Lab (San Francisco, CA)  ・  East Bay Booksellers (Oakland, CA) ・  East Bay Community Space (Oakland, CA) ・  Ellie’s Castle (Richmond, CA) ・  Firehouse Art Collectve Lottie Rose House (Oakland, CA)  ・  Firehouse Art Hangar (Berkeley, CA)  ・  Hemlock Tavern (San Francisco, CA)  ・  Henry’s Cellar Bar (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Horse & Plow (Sebastopo, CAl)  ・  House of Java (Turlock, CA)  ・  Maggie’s Chambers (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Maison Jangle (El Cerrito, CA)  ・  Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery (Santa Cruz, CA)  ・  Medina (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Mom’s Haus (Oakland, CA)  ・  Rasputin Records (Berkeley, CA)  ・  Revoluton Café (Oakland, CA)  ・  Ridgeway House (Oakland, CA)  ・  Rock Paper Scissors Collective (Oakland, CA)  ・  Sub Rosa Sound (Oakland, CA) ・  Teviot (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Arlene Francis Center (Santa Rosa, CA)  ・  The Big Red Door (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Blind Poet (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Blue Blazer (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Cactus Palace (Oakland, CA)  ・  The Caves (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Egg (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Flying Duck (Glasgow, UK)  ・  The Forest (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Hatch (Oakland, CA)  ・  The Jazz Bar (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Jury Room (Santa Cruz, CA)  ・  The Legionnaire Saloon (Oakland, CA)  ・  The Lot (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Montague (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Queen Bean (Modesto, CA)  ・  The Regent (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Rockit Room (San Francisco, CA)  ・  The Royal Oak (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Sing (Cape Cod, MA)  ・  The Southern Bar (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Star (Sebastopol, CA)  ・  The Starry Plough (Berkeley, CA)  ・  The Toad In The Hole (Santa Rosa, CA)  ・  The Tron (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  The Waypost (Porland, OR, CA)  ・  Viva Mexicana (Sebastopol, CA)  ・  Voodoo Rooms (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Whiskey Tip (Santa Rosa, CA)  ・  Whistle Binkies (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Acoustic Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  BAAM – Bay Area Arts Mixer (Bay Area, CA)  ・  Big Beach Busk (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Bushwick Book Club Oakland (Oakland, CA)  ・  Dr Sketchy’s (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Edinburgh Unplugged (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Geek Pop Festival (UK)  ・  MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project, San Francisco, CA)  ・  Mixed Media Mixer (Berkeley & Santa Cruz, CA)  ・  North Bay Uke Fest (Santa Rosa, CA)  ・  Secret CDs (Edinburgh, UK)  ・  Sonoma County Festival for Peace, Love & Unity (Santa Rosa, CA)  ・  Unofficial Rivertown Revival After-Party (Petaluma, CA)  ・  KGGV FM (Guerneville)  ・  KOWS FM (Sebastopol)  ・  KRCB FM (Rohnert Park)

Django Moves to Portland