The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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Pale Lips (Montréal, Canada) – Hiding From the Moon, alternative rock ‘n’ roll from the album After Dark.

Palehound (Yonkers, NY) – Black Friday, experimental indie folk from the album Black Friday.

Pancho Villa’s Skull (Pontiac, MI) – Brown is Beautiful, mariachi punk pop from the album Gentefication.

Panic Pocket (London, United Kingdom) – Pizza in my Pants, irreverent indie pop from the EP Never Gonna Happen.

Paper Wings (Nashville, TN) – Winter Storm, folk americana from the album Clementine.

Patrician (Portland, OR) – The Blanket Days, indie dream pop from the album Matters in Such a Manner.

Orville Peck (NV) – Hope To Die, country shoegaze from the album Pony.

Pet Crow (Derby, United Kingdom) – What to Say, and Bazwatch, garage rock from the album A Simple Guide to Small and Medium Pond Life.

Pinky Pinky (Los Angeles, CA) – Mystery Sedan, indie rock from the album Turkey Dinner.

Pip Blom (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) – Bedhead, dreamy indie from the album Boat.

polkadot (Oakland, CA) – for my friend, lofi alt-twee from the single october/november, and bruised, from the single spring songs.

Potty Mouth (Los Angeles, CA) – Massachusetts, alt-pop from the album SNAFU.

Primp (Vancouver Canada) – No Fun, garage rock from the single Mother Loose.

Project Trio (Brooklyn, NY) – Red Dirt, and Ode Ohne Worte, instrumental chamber jazz from the album Sixth Floor Live.

0 – A ·· B ·· C ·· D ·· E – F ·· G – H ·· I – L ·· M ·· N – O ·· P ·· R ·· S ·· T – V ·· W – Z

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