The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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N – O:

Nasalrod (Portland, OR) – Hello Ello, prog punk single.

Ayla Nereo (Nevada City, CA) – Take It Slow, indie folk from the album By the Light of the Dark Moon.

Neutrals (Oakland, CA) – Technical College, post-punk from the album Kebab Disco.

Nickel & Rose (Milwaukee, WI) – Another Man, political roots single.

Lizzie No (New York, NY) – Pity Party, folk americana from the album Vanity.

No Lovely Thing featuring Melissa Jones (Oakland, CA) – Storm, blues jazz soul from the album She Be.

No Parents (Los Angeles, CA) – Sunday Brunch, grunge pop from the EP Middleground.

Heather Normandale (Oakland, CA) – I Go Walking, and Woodpecker, indie folk from the album Golden Threads.

Odd Robot (Fullerton, CA) – I Am A Cortisol Factory, alt-pop from the album Split (a split with Tiny Stills).

Only a Visitor (Vancouver, Canada) – Big and Small, Technicolour Education, and Everything and Nothing, indie jazz pop from the album Technicolour Education.

The Onyx (Oakland, CA) – Stronger Soul, r&b soul from the single The Onyx.

Orchestra Gold (Oakland, CA) – Mali Senekelaw, afrobeat fusion from the EP I.

Ordinary Elephant (always on the road, USA) – Scars We Keep, folk americana from the album Honest.

Origami Ghosts (Austin, TX) – Keeper Sutherland, Lost & Proud, and Doing the Dishes, psychedelic alt-folk from the album Healthy Travel Potions.

Otoboke Beaver (Kyoto, Japan) – datsu . hikage no onna, akimahenka, and S’il vous plait, J-punk from the album ITEKOMA HITS.

Our Native Daughters (USA) – Quasheba, Quasheba, Blood and Bones, and Music and Joy, roots music from the album Songs of Our Native Daughters.

0 – A ·· B ·· C ·· D ·· E – F ·· G – H ·· I – L ·· M ·· N – O ·· P ·· R ·· S ·· T – V ·· W – Z

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