The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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Babehoven (Philadelphia, PA) – Asshole, lofi indie single, and Lena, from the EP Solemnis.

Bacchae (Washington, DC) – Everything Ugly, post punk pop single.

Bad Bad Hats (Minneapolis, MN) – Wide Right, and Liz Phair, from the EP Wide Right.

Bad Kiss (Brooklyn, NY) – I Don’t Like You, from the EP II.

BAILEN (New York, NY) – 25 For the Last Time, delicate folk from the EP BAILEN Mixtape Vol. 1.

Band of Comerados (Portland, OR) – Ain’t Enough, bluegrass folk from the album Trial & Error.

Barrio Manouche (San Francisco, CA) – El Joven, flamenco jazz fusion from the album Despierta.

Bedouine (Los Angeles, CA) – Sunshine Sometimes, and One More Time, indie folk from the album Bird Songs of a Killjoy.

Being Dead (Austin, TX) – Underworld, and Apostle’s Prom, dreamy indie artpop from the EP Fame Money Death By Drive By.

Belcurve (Austin, TX) – Who Am I Fooling, from the EP These People in My Head, Vol. 2.

Bicicletas Por La Paz (Oakland, CA) – Adónde II, psychedelic cumbia from the album Surfeando un Cometa.

Big Time Rascals (Denver, CO) – No Trouble, bluegrass folk from the EP Logan Street Demos.

Bitch Fits (Coeur d’Alene, ID) – GO NELLIE!!, and L.M.O.T.G., garage rock from the EP xoxo.

Black Belt Eagle Scout (Portland, OR) – At The Party, indie from the album At the Party With My Brown Friends.

Carsie Blanton (New Orleans, LA) – Bed, and Buck Up, intimate americana from the album Buck Up.

Blisses B (San Francisco, CA) – Hot Lap, and Grand Lake, happy shiny indie rock from the album Tell Your Friends You Love Them and Why.

Blues Lawyer (Oakland, CA) – Something Different, lofi punk pop from the album Something Different.

Blushh (Los Angeles, CA) – All My Friends, indie rock single.

Body Type (Sydney, Australia) – UMA, dreamy garage rock from the EP EP2.

Boy Scouts (Oakland, CA) – Get Well Soon, dreamy indie folk from the album Free Company.

Mary Bragg (Nashville, TN) – Trouble Me Anytime, country ballad from the album Violets As Camouflage.

Bridge City Sinners (Portland, OR) – Kreacher, thrash grass from the album Here’s to the Devil.

Emily Brown (Oakland, CA) – Two Weeks, and If You Lose Your Baby, indie folk from the single Bee Sides.

The Bumbling Woohas (Portland, ME) – My Friend Molly Has a Clock That Says Whatever, freak folk from the album Welcome to Trash Clown City, The Secret City of the Absent Sane.

Bun Bun (Denver, CO) – Urban Bee, electropop from Free People Records’ Compilation Vol 1.

Buzzed Lightbeer (San Francisco, CA) – Fuck Bobby Crisler, garage rock from the EP Hell.

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