The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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E – F:

Elephant Gym (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) – Dawn, modern classical piano from the EP Gaze at Blue.

Eye’z (Oakland, CA) – Stop, pop single.

Fairies (Oakland, CA) – Don’t Choke, irreverent psych folk from the album Super Woo-Woo!

Five Letter Word (Portland, OR) – Still You Stay, folk americana from the album Siren.

Flor de Toloache (New York, NY) – Besos de Mezcal, and No Sigas (Don’t Speak, originally by No Doubt), from the album Indestructible.

Flying Fish Cove (Seattle, WA) – Manticore, indie rock from the album At Moonset.

Fountain View (Salt Lake City, UT) – Worth/Bed, pop punk from the album This Song Is About Friends.

Four Year Bender (San Francisco, CA) – Annalee, americana from the album Gettin’ Gone.

Chloe Foy (Manchester, United Kingdom) – Oh You Are Not Well, indie folk single.

Frazey Ford (Vancouver, Canada) – The Kids are Having None of It, indie americana single.

Mike Frazier (Winchester, VA) – Old Rag Hole, folk americana from the album Where the Valley Kissed the Sky.

Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic Something (London, United Kingdom) – Helen Is A Reptile, and Hard Times, indie alt-rock from the album Oh Really, What’s That Then?.

French Vanilla (Los Angeles, CA) – Friendly Fire, prog post punk from the album How Am I Not Myself?.

Ezra Furman (Oakland, CA) – Rated R Crusaders, post punk pop from the album Twelve Nudes.

奮酉 (FURUTORI) (Japan) – TOKYO, ccc, and XYZ…?, indie J-pop from the EP 1st EP (はじめのセンセーション).

Future Scars (Santa Fe, NM) – In All But Name, and Harrow, indie rock from the album Harrow.

0 – A ·· B ·· C ·· D ·· E – F ·· G – H ·· I – L ·· M ·· N – O ·· P ·· R ·· S ·· T – V ·· W – Z

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