The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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Rainbow Girls (Sebastopol, CA) – Smoke Rings (originally by Les Paul & Mary Ford), harmonious folk americana from the album Give The People What They Want.

Rainy Eyes (San Francisco, CA) – The Other Side, from the album Moon in the Mirror.

Rat Fancy (Los Angeles, CA) – Finely Knitted, indie alt-rock from the album Stay Cool.

red steppes (Oakland, CA) – Leonine, and Trouble, from the album Arcs.

Refract (Petaluma, CA) – Abeyance, prog rock from the album Secular Pudding.

Reyna Tropical (Los Angeles, CA) – Lluvia, dreamy latinx pop from the EP Sol y Lluvia.

Roach Girl (New Orleans, LA) – Meek, and Familiar Faces, synthpop r&b disco from the album ROACH WORLD.

Roshni Narasimhan (Bay Area, CA) – Chupke Se (ft. Veena, originally by A.R. Rahman from the movie Saathiya), Bollywood r&b single.

Royal Jelly Jive (San Francisco, CA) – Stand Up (ft. Ace Diego), hip hop folk jazz from the album Limited Preserve No. 3.

0 – A ·· B ·· C ·· D ·· E – F ·· G – H ·· I – L ·· M ·· N – O ·· P ·· R ·· S ·· T – V ·· W – Z

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