The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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I – L:

Indré (Akron, OH) – Track One, power pop from the album Serenity.

Ings (Seattle, WA) – Amelia, sweet indie folk from the album Lullaby Rock.

Intuitive Compass (Tucson, AZ) – Four Winds Calling, and Ghost Horse, freak folk country from the EP Four Winds Calling.

Ismay (Sonoma County, CA) – The Stones, indie folk from the album Songs of Sonoma Mountain (out February 2020).

It’s Butter (Los Angeles, CA) – Expectations, funk pop single.

Jade Imagine (Melbourne, Australia) – Gonna Do Nothing, and The News, indie pop from the album Basic Love.

JAMBINAI (Seoul, South Korea) – 사상의 지평선 (Event Horizon), experimental noise folk metal from the album ONDA.

Jenne Kaivo (Santa Rosa, CA) – Singing For These Dancing Bones, goth horror spoken word single.

Kelso (Melbourne, Australia) – Oh God There’s So Much Love in Me, indie folk from the EP Always a Godmother, Never a God.

KIN (Oakland, CA) – Be a Little Lonely, chill indie pop single.

King Willow (San Francisco, CA) – Your Band, indie pop punk single.

KPH & The Canary Collective (Seattle, WA) – Dam Dam, indie folk pop single.

Lafemmebear (Oakland, CA) – The Beginning, r&b soul from the album Blaq: The Story of Me.

Alex Lahey (Melbourne, Australia) – Misery Guts, from the album The Best of Luck Club.

Lalin (Oakland, CA) – Rough Sketch of Love, r&b jazz folk single.

Lavender Scared (Berkeley, CA) – Nothing but the Best, punk from the album It Gets Bitter.

Mark Lavengood (Grand Rapids, MI) – Sliding Rock, instrumental slide guitar country single.

Lesibu Grand (Atlanta, GA) – Hush Hush, from the EP The Legend of Miranda.

Karen Less (Oakland, CA) – Love Is On The Way (ft. The Brothers Amor), hip hop from the EP Love Is On The Way.

Jeffrey Lewis (New York, NY) – Dogs of My Neighborhood, and  Except for the Fact That It Isn’t, antifolk from the album Bad Wiring.

LEX the Lexicon Artist (Oakland, CA) – Self-Proclaimed Psychic (ft. Schaffer the Darklord), nerd rap from the EP Special: A Mob Psycho 100 EP.

Lightnin’ Luke (Portland, OR) – Trouble in Mind, old timey blues from the album Volume 2.

Lily & Madeleine (Indianapolis, IN) – Analog Love, indie dreampop from the album Canterbury Girls.

Little Mazarn (Austin, TX) – Vermont, and Dancing in the Dark, experimental folk from the album Io.

Local News Legend (Harrisburg, PA) – Get the Fuck Outta Here, and Molar Teeth, punk folk from the album (split with Mary Wander) No Boyfriend November.

LoCura (Oakland, CA) – Fuego al Otro, cumbia pop single.

Lofi Legs (San Francisco, CA) – Lifesucker, and Dreamin, jangle rock from the album Lamb.

Lowland Hum (Charlottesville, VA) – I Like You That Way, delicate indie folk from the album Glyphonic.

Lowlight (Asbury Park, NJ) – Horsefoot, indie americana synth pop from the album Endless Bummer.

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