The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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Sabertooth Unicorn (Martinez, CA) – I’m Sure it Won’t be Long, lofi apocalypse folk from the album Existence is Futile.

Sad Girlz Club (Sacramento, CA) – Back Around, and Pedestal, punk pop from the album Hard Feelings.

Rachael Sage (New York, NY) – Spark (acoustic), singer-songwriter pop from the album PseudoMyopia.

Saint Lo. (Montréal, Canada) – Someday/Storm, harmonious folk pop from the album We Could Be.

Salacious Wizard Cult (Oakland, CA) – Heaven is a Party in Modesto, indie folk electropop from Rosebud EP.

Salami Rose Joe Louis (Bay Area, CA) – Octagonal Room, and Earth Creature, avant garde jazz pop from the album Zdenka 2080 (this album is really kind of a rock opera, and I recommend listening to the whole thing).

Sankaran (Los Angeles, CA) – Interesting Times, and Trickle Down Economics, indie pop from the album Interesting Times.

Sapphire Lung (Oakland, CA) – Skin, and Ice Laser, experimental chamber jazz from the EP Chamber Slime.

Sarchasm (Berkeley, CA) – Mountain Time, punk pop from the album Beach Blanket Bummer Pop.

Emily Scott Robinson (traveling throughout USA) – Pie Song, folk country from the album Traveling Mercies.

Screaming Females (New Brunswick, NJ) – Skeleton, and Cortez the Killer, post punk rock from the album Singles Too.

Seazoo (Wrexham, United Kingdom) – Throw It Up, indie pop single.

Secret Secret (San Francisco, CA) – Little Things, indie folk from the EP Hush.

Seratones (Shreveport, LA) – Gotta Get to Know You, rock & roll soul power pop from the album POWER.

Aaron J. Shay (Seattle, WA) – Replace Me!, indie folk from the album Apocalypse Songs.

Shaylee (Portland, OR) – Purple Shag Rug, indie folk from the album The Life & Misadventures of Shaylee & Tarantula.

Satoko Shibata (Tokyo, Japan) – 佐野岬, and ジョイフル・コメリ・ホーマック, indie folk J-pop from the album がんばれ!メロディー (5th album).

Shonen Knife (Osaka, Japan) – Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, indie J-rock from the album Sweet Candy Power.

Shovels & Rope (Charleston, SC) – Mississippi Nuthin’, americana pop from the album By Blood.

Shutups (Oakland, CA) – Telephone, alt-rock from the album Every Day I’m Less Zen.

SIGNORI (Detroit, MI) – Humahuaca, indie pop single.

Mariee Sioux (Nevada City, CA) – Snow Knows White, new age folk from the album Grief in Exile.

SistaStrings (Milwaukee, WI) – Shea Butter Dreams, chamber pop from the EP Lift.

Sleepover Club (Everett, WA) – I Don’t Believe It, pop punk from the album Wphoopsie!.

Wyatt Smith (Santa Cruz, CA) – Dream, indie emo from the album Dead.

Soften (Cincinnati, OH) – Cold Call, indie rock from the EP Soften Forever.

Sonny & The Sunsets (San Francisco, CA) – A Bigger Picture, and Someday I’d Like to Be an Artist, indie rock from the album Hairdressers From Heaven.

Sour Widows (Bay Area, CA) – Pilot Light, indie rock single.

Southern Avenue (Memphis, TN) – Keep On, and The Tea I Sip, blues soul from the album Keep On.

Zelma Stone (San Francisco, CA) – Golden, indie pop from the EP Layla.

Sun Cat (San Francisco, CA) – I’ve Got to Put Clothes On My Body, and New Ground, indie emo from the album soft tunes 4 half moons.

Sundae Crush (Seattle, WA) – Good Boy, indie psych rock single.

The Sunnydales (Fresno, CA) – I Only Have Eyes For You, Buffy The Vampire Slayer themed pop punk from the album The Pack.

Susan (Los Angeles, CA) – Friendship, garage pop punk from the album As I Was.

Swamp Child (San Francisco, CA) – (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone, rock single.

Sybling (New York, NY) – The Grim, indie folk from the EP Sybling.

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