The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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G – H:

Angelica Garcia (Richmond, VA) – It Don’t Hinder Me, indie pop from the single It Don’t Hinder Me.

Gesserit (Brooklyn, NY) – Silence, indie shoegaze single.

The Gonks (San Francisco, CA) – My Glamorous Mother, garage rock from the album Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Gonks.

Goo (Brooklyn, NY) – Boo Hoo Baby, dreamy indie rock ‘n’ roll from the EP The Squeeze.

Gorgeous!! (Oakland, CA) – Dead Man, synth punk pop from the EP Gorgeous!!.

J. Graves (Portland, OR) – Doctor, alt-rock from the album Marathon.

GRLwood (Louisville, KY) – Get Shot, from the album I Sold My Soul to the Devil When I Was 12.

Grotbags (Manchester, United Kingdom) – Big Baby, silly indie rock from the album GROTBAGS (to be released Feb 2020).

Grumpster (Oakland, CA) – Tunnel Vision, indie punk from the album Underwhelmed.

Guppy (Los Angeles, CA) – 420 7/11 (I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down), Bogey Man, and The Loneliest Worm, indie garage pop from the album In Heat.

Gypsum (Los Angeles, CA) – Kaleidoscope, indie math pop single.

B. Hamilton (Oakland, CA) – North San Juan, blues rock from the EP Nothing and Nowhere.

Haybaby (Brooklyn, NY) – My Mother Tells Me, sad grunge from the album They Get There.

Healing Gems (Los Angeles, CA) – Red Moon River, tropicália psych lounge from the EP Jungle Flower.

Heavy Pulp (Los Angeles, CA) – Neither/Nor, noise rock from the EP Neither/Nor.

Heddwen (Seattle, WA) – Red-Winged Blackbird, and Heddwen, harmonious trad folk from the EP Traveling West.

Hell Nancy (Portland, OR) – Deer Bby Boy, americana noise rock from the EP IZ.

Hello Forever (Los Angeles) – Anywhere is Everywhere, cheery pop single.

Byron Hogan (Oakland, CA) – Johnny 5 is Alive, chamber hip hop.

Hopo Pongo (Paderborn, Germany) – I Don’t Like the Sound, indie pop from the EP I Don’t Like the Sound.

Jesca Hoop (Manchester, United Kingdom) – Free of the Feeling (ft. Lucius), indie folk from the album STONECHILD.

Human Ottoman (Portland, OR) – 100k Laser Cats, and DoeToe, experimental indie pop from the album Rampage.

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