The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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W – Z:

Skye Wallace (Vancouver, Canada) – Coal in Your Window, alt-rock pop from the album Skye Wallace.

Ariel Wang (Oakland, CA) – Montagues and Catapults, Moontide, and Down for the Weather, indie folk from the album Bridges.

Water From Your Eyes (New York, NY) – Somebody Else’s Song, indie folk from the album Somebody Else’s Song.

whenyoung (London, United Kingdom) – Pretty Pure, indie pop from the album Reasons to Dream.

Whiskey Shivers (Austin, TX) – Rainbow Connection (originally by Paul Williams and Kenneth Asher from The Muppet Movie), bluegrass from the album Smothered & Covered.

Kat White (Oakland, CA) – Hapy Capy, kids’ folk from the album In the Eye of the Owl.

Winterbirds (Sacramento, CA) – The Humble Heart/Pretty Treasures, and Love by the Handful/The Nightengal, folk americana from the album Shaker Songs.

Remi Wolf (Los Angeles, CA) – Doctor, from the EP You’re a Dog!

worlds greatest dad (Atlanta, GA) – A Song For Mogis, acoustic emo rock from the EP Get Over It.

Worriers (Brooklyn, NY) – PWR CPLE, alt-rock from the album You Or Someone You Know (out March 2020).

Y La Bamba (Portland, OR) – Entre Los Dos, indie dream pop from the album Entre Los Dos, and Mujeres, indie cumbia from the album Mujeres.

Meghan Yates (Bellingham, WA) – The Heart Never Tires, and Burning Mountain, contemporary folk from the album The Other Side.

Yawners (Madrid, Spain) – I’m Not Gonna Miss You Anyway, alt-rock from the album Just Calm Down.

Year of the Fist (Oakland, CA) – Block Out the Sun, pop punk from the album Revive Me.

The Yoohoos (Nuremberg, Germany) – Rusty Robot, pop punk from the album Up Goes the Rocket.

Yups (San Francisco, CA) – Multiple Measures, indie rock from the album Man on the Moon Man on the Moon.

Johanna Zeul (Berlin, Germany) – Eisbär, and Labyrinth, frenetic indie folk singles.

Welp, that’s it! I hope you found some new music that you love! Happy New Year!!!

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