The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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T – V:

T-Rextasy (New York, NY) – Baby, cabaret garage rock from the album Prehysteria.

Madeline Tasquin (Oakland, CA) – Dizzy, folk jazz single.

Tay and the JangLahDahs (Oakland, CA) – And So They Go, and Bloomin’, psych folk from the album Bloomin’.

Tetchy (Brooklyn, NY) – Fascist, alt-rock single.

That Dog. (Los Angeles, CA) – Drip Drops, theater rock from the album Old LP.

THICK (Brooklyn, NY) – Your Mom, pop punk from the single THICK.

Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening (Northumbria, United Kingdom) – Darlington, and Colliers, Northumbrian folk from the album Hollowbone.

Tiny Stills (Los Angeles, CA) – Everything is Going Great, alt-rock pop from the Tiny Stills / Odd Robot Split EP.

Token Girl (Oakland, CA) – Ten, indie jazz from the single Two Fold.

Kjirsten Tornfelt (Portland, OR) – Just a Dream, singer-songwriter folk from the EP Christmas Dreams.

Rosie Tucker (Los Angeles, CA) – Gay Bar, Spinster Cycle, and Pablo Neruda, indie rock from the album Never Not Never Not Never Not.

Lina Tullgren (Queens, NY) – 110717, sad indie from the album Free Cell.

Twain (Franklin County, VA) – Moving, indie folk from the album Adventure.

Upstate (Beacon, NY) – Healing, and Weekend, americana soul pop from the album Healing.

Van Goose (Brooklyn, NY) – Last Bus, disco synth punk from the album Habitual Eater.

Velvet Q (Seattle, WA) – Good Girl, garage punk from the EP Is This What You Want?.

Jackie Venson (Austin, TX) – Witchcraft, new age power pop from the album Joy.

Vvd Wndws (Oakland, CA) – The Sad Poetry of Violence, experimental indietronica from the EP Blue Landscape.

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