The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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Mamatung (Liverpool, United Kingdom) – Howl, bouncy new age folk.

Mandy (New York, NY) – Something Better, garage rock single.

M.A.R.C. & The Horsejerks (Portland, OR) – Sunblip, super freaky freak folk from the album Husbandry.

Iona Marshall (Scotland, United Kingdom) – Idea Fades, experimental folk from the album Higher Than the Leaves.

Satomi Matsuzaki, Claudia Sarne, & Atticus Ross (Los Angeles, CA) – Shine On, indie synthwave from the soundtrack to the movie Earthquake Bird.

Byron Mayhew (San Francisco, CA) – Any Direction, singer-songwriter single.

Mayya (San Francisco, CA) – Soup Song, indie folk from the album Opposing the Numb.

Leyla McCalla (New Orleans, LA) – The Capitalist Blues, from the album The Capitalist Blues, and Eh La Bas (traditional, ft. The Special Men), New Orleans jazz folk single.

Angie McMahon (Melbourne, Australia) – Slow Mover, and Pasta, indie rock from the album Salt.

Meanderthals (Bothell, WA) – Holly, garage jazz rock from the album We Are Doing Our Best.

Meeping (Portland, OR) – February, indie from the album Meeper of the Month.

Meernaa (Oakland, CA) – Ready to Break, indie pop from the album Heart Hunger.

Izaac Mellow (Seattle, WA) – How Can U Live With Urself??, lofi indie folk from the album Mellow’s Demos, Vol. 1.

Jeremy James Meyer (Eugene, OR) – Gypsy Moth, americana single.

Middlesleep (San Francisco, CA) – Great Advice, and She Moves Through the Fair, trad folk from the album To A Friend (Whose Work Has Come to Nothing).

Mona Lisa Tribe (West Palm Beach, FL) – Faithfully, americana pop single.

Moody Little Sister (Truth or Consequences, NM) – Bonemaker, americana pop from the album Great Big Mama Sunshine.

Moon Palace (Seattle, WA) – Bold, indie rock from the album Shadowcast.

Moorland Coyote (Portland, OR) – Hold On Tight, contemporary folk from the EP A Mischievous Fool.

The Musers (Sebastopol, CA) – The Ladies are Out, folk americana from the album Love Will See You Through.

The Muslims (Durham, NC) – Ya Late, Fuck the Cistem, and Shuk Shuk Warr Warr, punk from the album Mayo Supreme.

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