The Ultimate Best Of 2019

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Caitlin Jemma (Oakland, CA) – Easy on You, country soul from the album Places Beyond You and Me.

Calliope Musicals (Austin, TX) – Slumber Party, Up to Eleven, and Cosmic Poison Arrow, psychedelic prog pop from the album Color/Sweat.

Cat Clyde (Stratford, Canada) – Reach It, indie folk from the album Hunters Trance.

Catch Pritchard (Oakland, CA) – You’re the Worst, indie folk from the EP Utter Disbelief.

CHAI (Nagoya, Japan) – Great Job, J-rock from the album PUNK.

Charming Disaster (Brooklyn, NY) – Baba Yaga, and Soft Apocalypse, folk noir from the album Spells + Rituals.

The Sam Chase & The Untraditional (San Francisco, CA) – Mother & Son on the Run, folk americana from the album The Last Rites of Dallas Pistol.

Che Apalache (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – The Wall, and New Journey, harmonious bluegrass from the album Rearrange My Heart.

Cheekface (Los Angeles, CA) – Dry Heat/Nice Town, and Eternity Leave, irreverent indie rock from the album Therapy Island.

Cheerbleederz (London, United Kingdom) – say 2 u, indie pop from the EP Lobotany (out February 2020)

El Chisme (Norwalk, CA) – Muévelo (El General), reggaeton single.

Choked Up (Brooklyn, NY) – Dichosa Vida, and Self Care? Don’t Care…, latinx pop punk from the album Dichoso Corazon.

Stef Chura (Detroit, MI) – All I Do is Lie, alt-rock from the album Midnight.

Clyde and the Milltailers (Portland, OR) – Yaga, and Heroin Rag, old timey americana from the EP Folklore.

Coach Phillips (Seattle, WA) – Listerine, alternative indie folk from the album Never Is Enough.

Cocó Nonó (Bogotá, Colombia) – Electricidad, and Cosas Simples, indie rock from the album Cosas Simples.

Collograph (Santa Cruz, CA) – Super 8, garage dream pop from the EP Rabbit Field.

Control Top (Philadelphia, PA) – Traffic, noise punk from the album Covert Contracts.

Copyslut (Oakland, CA) – Neon Razberries, cabaret rock single.

corduroy (Vallejo, CA) – Seashore, indie pop single.

Count Tutu (Tulsa, OK) – Slammer Song, world-influenced dance single.

Crush Material (Oakland, CA) – High Vibes, garage pop punk from the album Crush Material.

Belén Cuturi (Montevideo, Uruguay) – Nada Menos, and Me Bajo Acá, sweet indie folk pop from the album Versos de Repuesto.

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